There were days when customers used to place an order and had no idea about whereabouts of their order. But, now with the revolving change, users demand clear trasnparency about their products and the basic information about them. But the present complicated network of Global and fragmented supply chains of apparel Industry heads to lack of transparency. Hence, blockchain technology is a decentralized data storage solution that helps in serving transaprency to its users that ensure that the information is accurate.

What do you mean by Blockchain technology?

The Blockchain term is not bounded to bitcoins only. Though this technology started with the motive to use it for virtual payment and lately it has been used rapidly in numerous sectors as well. As per the digital trend, it is a database that is handled by a wider community instead of a central authority. In layman language, it is a decentralised structure that helps in making data available to everyone also maintaining security and data trustworthy in the system.  Contact the team whenever you are in trouble and avail beneficial solutions from the team in no time. You can call on Blockchain customer service number which is active all day and night for assistance.

First introduction of Blockchain in the apparel industry

 The first time when implementation of blockchain in the apparel industry was done between Danish fashion desginer Martine Jarlgaard and Blockchain technology provider, Provenance. There discovered a pilot project in order to track the product from farm to finish wherein every step  in the production process was recorded and tracked in the blockchain through the Provenance app and registered via the stepwise steps in production including from spinning the yarn to knitting it into a garment.  Every garment is assigned with a unique token that provides digital history of each step that is taken to create the product including information such as where the garment has been created and what kind of a raw material has been used in the manufacturing process. 

What are its benefits?

The best advanatge of using Blockchain is that it permits the data to be interoperable. This helps in making the data information available with manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. It helps in maintaing transaprency that help in reducing delays and disputes and also prevents any kind of blockage in the supply chain. All this is possible because of the real time tracking of the product that eventually eliminates the chances of misplacement rare.
The second benefit of blockchain in the apparel industry is that it has the capability to create production process more transparent and clear. With this technology, manufacturers help in building trust in business along with the fashion supply chain and able to get verified information related to the material, porcess of the product. In addition to it, it helps in recording provenance tracking as product ifnormation can easily be traced through RFID tages and embedded sensors. To deal with any kind of Blockchain technology issues and troubles, you can call on Blockchain support number which is functional all the time for guidance.