The US Navy Group has its California-based research group called the Naval Air Warfare Center has intrdouced a blockchain softwrae startup Simba chain nearly upto $10 million for the purpse of executing a secure messaging platform in play. Speaking of this platform, it is going to intrdouced this year and with the upcoming updates over the next four years – said by Simba Chain CEO, Joel Neidig in the ltaets email sent to Cointelegraph on February 6, 2020.

Its been in news that the Naval Research group came in contact with Simba Chain in order to install a safe and secure pathway for communication and trannsaction which was being built on the blockchain for the Department of Defense or DoD released on February 6 details. For the purpose of a sizable undertaking, the Naval Air Warfare Center has provided Simba Chain a total of $9.5 million which is a part of a Small Business Innovation Research or also called SBIR Phase III agreement which is going to last for five years.  He further added that this is the first contract among many, talking about the forthcoming phases after the present mentioned stage. He also said that they will be announcing the next contracts in the spring.

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Ongoing work

It is known that Simba Chain is quite familiar to U.S. military work; therefore, the startup started creating a blockchain-based supply chain solution for the U.S. Air Force in August 2019. Being the important part of a former SBIR contract, Simba Chain was in working terms back then with the present DoD platform that help in creating and testing the blockchain-based communication system as per the press release.  Talking about the third phase, it targets the solution’s employment.


Built with the support of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, this communication platform is suitable for land and water operations which allow safe data exchange. Neidig said in a press release that it is a win not only for SIMBA and other partners, but also for the DoD which has been processed with single-minded focus, mission-critical operations that are immutable and non-refutable. He further added that they are planning to deliver a bulletproof platform to meet all objectives.  As per the Cointelegraph report released in August 2019, the U.S.  Military has copious other blockchain-based interests.

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